About us

Welcome to Pretty Organised

A family-run business with our vision to bring minimalisation and calm into you and your family's lives, by providing you with elegant and contemporary storage solutions. Our inspiration is to help you make your living space simplified and modest.

Our co-founders Lonnae and Jess are sister-in-laws. Lonnae is a mother-of-two and has always had a passion for ensuring her home is immaculate, where everything is easily accessible. Her pantry is always the most intriguing place in her house, the 'must-see' room by all the guests. Her husband Mark loves to dabble in the kitchen, whipping up fancy meals when he has the chance.
Lonnae is thrilled to be passing on her organisational knowledge and skills by providing you with our in-home services.

Jess was inspired by Lonnae's passion and diligence in creating such an immaculate space and realised how much an organised home makes you feel a sense of tranquil and serenity. Less clutter meant more productivity! It brings a sense of satisfication that everything is where it should be. Jess and her hubby Scott both lead a busy life, so an organised life is key. 

Our alluring range has been hand picked by us to ensure both practicality and aesthetics. 

We are based in Christchurch, Aotearoa (the land of the long white cloud) and offer our in-home services to our Christchurch customers, with plans to expand to other regions soon.

We hope that our passion and joy for organisation can be translated to you with our products and services. 

Keep an eye out for additions to our product range! 

xx The Pretty Organised Family